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Which Way My Ceiling Fan Should Turn

Which Way My Ceiling Fan Should Turn

Did you know that nearly every ceiling fan has a switch or button on the motor housing that changes the direction that the fan turns? You can switch between clockwise and counterclockwise.The standard setting is usually counterclockwise.

Why does this matter? Depending on the season, you fan may help assist your Home Comfort System in cooling or heating your home. So which way do you want your fan to turn for which season?

SUMMER: Counterclockwise

WINTER: Clockwise

What actual happens?

During the summer, the counterclockwise direction of the fan will actual push cool air down, making the air feel cooler. It also provides a "wind chill" effect.

During the winter, the pulls cool air up towards the ceiling, displacing the warm air that rises near the ceiling. This allows the warm air trapped by the ceiling to disperse down towards the floor and makes the room feel warmer.