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Your heater is a crucial part of your home. Without it, cold winter nights can be more than just uncomfortable—they can be poor for your health or even potentially deadly. If your heater has stopped working properly and can’t be fixed, you might need to replace it with a new one. If you’re tired of your heater driving up your energy bills, it might be time for a new one. If you’re looking for a way of keeping your home warm without the carbon emissions that harm the environment, then replacing your heater may be the right choice. Whatever is your motivation for needing a new heating system, trust the Henderson heating installation team at Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating to deliver it for you.

Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating offers high-quality heating equipment from some of the industry’s most recognized and revered manufacturers. By offering high-quality products, we offer peace of mind that comes from knowing your home will be warm and comfortable for years to come. We prioritize excellence in everything we do, and that means holding our installation labor to high standards in everything from workmanship to customer service. Our mission is a simple one: provide you with the new equipment you need at a fair price and install it with care and attention that goes beyond your expectations. If we don’t live up to these standards, we’ll do what it takes to make things right.

Is it time to install a new heating system? Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help! Receive an estimate for your new system by calling (702) 830-7553 today.

Is It Time for a New Heater?

It might be time to replace your heater, but how can you tell? A full heater replacement is a major investment in your home, but it’s one that you will have to make at some point. After all, even the most well-built heater won’t last forever. In general, if your heater needs a major repair that’s more than half of the cost of replacing it, your heater is too old, or your heater generally consumes too much energy, you should probably consider a total replacement.

You may need a new heater if any of the following are true:

  • Your heater is more than 25 years old
  • Your heater struggles to produce warmth
  • Your heater makes a ton of noise
  • Your heater drives up your energy bills to absurd levels
  • Your heater is difficult to repair/can’t be repaired
  • Your heater uses outdated technology

Whatever your reason for replacing your heater, the team at Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to help. All of our installers have been highly trained to work with all types of heating products, including the latest and greatest in energy-efficient heat pump technology. That means you can be certain that not only are you getting a great new heating system, but that it will be able to withstand the long hours of use you demand for years to come. In fact, we carefully match every product we install to the home it will be installed it for maximum performance, longevity, and efficiency.

Henderson Heating Maintenance

Nobody wants to have to replace their heater sooner than necessary. This is a huge job, and most people will do anything in their power to avoid having to go through it. At Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating, we have the solution: professional maintenance and tune-up services. If you want to maximize the investment you made in your home comfort, annual maintenance will do just that by increasing energy efficiency and promoting better reliability whether your system is brand new or showing signs of age!

If the time has come to replace your heater, request a consultation with the team at Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating and let us work with you to make sure you have the heat you need this winter. Contact us today.

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  • We were so impressed, we purchased the service agreement. We look forward to working with Sierra Air in the future.

    “We are new customers to Sierra Air. Jeremy was scheduled to arrive between 2 and 6. He showed up before noon and did a very thorough inspection of our two air conditioner units. We were so impressed, we purchased the service agreement. We look forward to working with Sierra Air in the future.”

    Terry T.

  • He explained everything he was doing thoroughly and did the repair in a timely manner.

    “Todd from Sierra Air was outstanding. He explained everything he was doing thoroughly and did the repair in a timely manner. He was very professional and because of his knowledge of my air conditioning unit I purchased the maintenance agreement.”

    Michael P.

  • I appreciate the care they take in your home

    “I am impressed with Sierra Air. I have received service twice from their company. I appreciate the care they take in your home--wearing shoe covers and placing a drop cloth on the flooring before setting their ladder down. (And they bring their own ladder! I've actually had an HVAC technician ask to borrow one :) Tim D was extremely polite and professional. He was patient in taking the time to discover the problem I had called about. 'Cause wouldn't you know, the sounds I had been hearing weren't happening when he got there. He really took the time to figure out what might be causing the concern I had. I'm glad he didn't give up because he finally got to hear what I had been talking about. He had assured me that the problem we were having would be resolved that day. He also addressed another smaller concern. And he gave me tips on setting my thermostats and the types of filters I should use. Give Tim a bonus! :)”


  • Matt is a knowledgeable and professional technician.

    “Matt is a knowledgeable and professional technician. He is also personal and patient and addresses your concerns. My technician of choice and always welcome to our house.”

    Nicholas & Irene D.

  • Fixed what four other companies just "put a band aid on"

    “Larry is the guy everyone should see before any other a/c person, he cut through the chase and fixed what four other companies just "put a band aid on". Our system was never better. Thank you for everything Larry!!”