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Whole House Zoning

Whole House Zoning in Las Vegas

Adjust the Temperature in Any Room to Fit Your Comfort

Do you love your home to be 73 degrees, but your spouse likes it to be 78 degrees? Our Las Vegas air conditioning and heating technicians can help! Zoning allows you to set various areas, or zones, of your house to be specific temperatures. Your spouse can read upstairs in your bedroom comfortably at 78 degrees while you are downstairs watching TV at a cool 73 degrees. Not only will everyone in your home be more comfortable, but you will decrease your energy costs as well!

What Is HVAC Zoning?

Zoning is not a new concept. Many of your home’s controls make use of this concept. For example, you can determine where hot water is directed, which lights you want to turn on or off and how the plumbing works when you flush a toilet in your home. If your home’s electrical appliances and plumbing can be zoned, then why not your home’s air conditioning and heating system?

When you choose zoned HVAC, you can increase your home’s heating and cooling efficiency and reduce the overall cost of your utility bills. Heating and cooling systems can be designed or revamped to allow you to have specific control over what area of the home you are looking to heat or cool down. Upstairs rooms, for example, may need additional cooling during the summer, while the downstairs may need to be kept warmer during the winter. Having a properly zoned home will bring your family more comfort and add value to your home as a homeowner.

Enjoy Free Estimates on Zoned AC & Heater

At Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand that air conditioning and heating zoning may seem appealing, and you may have questions about your specific home, layout, budget and needs. Our Las Vegas AC repair team is prepared to answer any concerns you may have and work with you to gain ideal temperature control for your home or office. Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating provides trusted professionals that are highly trained and ready to assist you in obtaining the most from your home’s zoning needs. Independent control over the temperature of a home is just a phone call away!

Contact our Las Vegas home zoning experts today to schedule a free estimate with our team by calling (702) 830-7553!

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  • There is no question who I will call in the future

    “I just wanted the world to know how grateful I am to have Sierra, LLC come to my home today to explain and adjust my heating system. Jesus S. was courteous, detailed oriented, showed high technical expertise, knowledgeable, sociable and dedicated to customer satisfaction. This a company who keeps me in mind. Kudos to Jesus and Sierra. There is no question who I will call in the future.”

    De Bacardiman

  • I would highly recommend these folks

    “Sierra Air and Jason Thack (30 years’ experience) are the BEST in Las Vegas area. First of all, my AC stopped working at about 4p on a Friday and to make matters worse, I live in a manufactured home and there are essentially, only 2 companies licensed to work on manufactured homes. I was very pleasantly surprised when the dispatcher, Michelle called and set up the service call last night and I asked about the service contract they offered on their website if I would be able to apply the reduced discounts and benefits to being a member for this repair job and the answer YES. I was told to expect a call from dispatcher about 30-45 min before they would arrive (between 8a-10a) and at 715a, they called to say he was on the way. He arrived at 8a and within 10 minutes, had diagnosed the broken fan 9a, had cool air blowing through the vents and he went ahead and did the 'spring' maintenance on the unit. Overall, a very pleasant experience and I was expecting a big $$ amt, being the weekend and July in Las Vegas and, all total work done including parts and warranties came to $1000....that included changing 3 capacitors to eliminate a near-future service call or two. I am grateful, cooled off in my house, and would highly recommend these folks (who discuss actual fees and costs PRIOR to any work being done).”


  • Shawn is very thorough

    “Shawn is very thorough. He explained what was done during the maintenance check-up plus he created a recommended future action list for me.”

    John A.

  • I plan to renew when the current contract is up.

    “Matt arrived on time as promised. Office called 30 minutes ahead to let me know that he was on his way. Very polite and efficient. Matt did the spring-summer system inspection. New system was installed last year - September so we are still on our maintenance contract for another year. I plan to renew when the current contract is up.”

    Andrew & Ruth U.

  • Adam E. came out and assessed my system in no time. His wealth of knowledge on Electrical Engineering and Fluid Dynamics was evident.

    “Adam E. came out and assessed my system in no time. His wealth of knowledge on Electrical Engineering and Fluid Dynamics was evident. If you go with Sierra (and Adam E. as your tech); You will be nothing short of Safe and Happy”

    Charles S.