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Summerlin AC Repair & Replacement

Stay Cool With Our Air Conditioning Services

Out here in the vast desert of the American southwest, air conditioning is a vital part of life. Anyone who lives in the Las Vegas area knows just how brutally hot temperatures can get from May through the early days of October, with temperatures in triple digits being a fairly regular part of life. Throughout this season and even certain days out of it, we depend on air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable. That means when something goes wrong with your system and it stops working as expected, it’s extremely easy to become stressed, frustrated, or even angry. Let’s be honest: going without air conditioning for even a short amount of time is an unpleasant experience that nobody should have to go through.

At Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer a wide range of services for your air conditioning system, making us the name you can call for all your needs. From simple repairs to complex fixes and overhauls, upgrades, or maintenance, we offer them all and customer service that’s unmatched anywhere else. Our workmanship has been widely regarded as some of the finest in the industry, unmatched anywhere else in our community. Likewise, we’ve always held our customer service to elite-level standards, ensuring our customers are always given the best. It’s this constant commitment to doing things the right way that has earned us the trust of our community, and one of the leading Summerlin air conditioning repair and replacement companies. You can be confident we’ll handle your job properly, getting you back to living your life in comfort as soon as possible.

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We Repair All Types of AC Problems

Air conditioning problems come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Of all of the appliances in your home, your air conditioner might be the most complex, and that means it’s one of the most likely to break down. With so many different parts that need to work together to let your system do its job, even one minor hiccup can bring your entire air conditioning system offline, leaving you to wonder what happened. At Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating, we do more than just wonder: we find the problem at the source and fix it properly.

Our full range of Summerlin AC repairs includes:

  • Faulty or dead blower fans
  • Electrical connection problems
  • Weak or low airflow
  • Strange sounds or smells
  • Compressor problems
  • Inconsistent temperatures

Here at Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand that sometimes you can’t help when an air conditioning problem happens. Sometimes your system quits on you in the middle of a sweltering hot night or on a weekend when you’re hosting company. When this is the case, we’ll send someone to you right away. We’re available 24/7 for emergency service help so you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to solve your problem.

Why Won’t My AC Turn On?

Let’s face it, Summerlin can get pretty hot. When the temperature rises, the last thing you should have to deal with is an AC that won’t turn on. But before you panic, there are a couple of reasons why your cooling system might not be working.

Reasons Why Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On:

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker: The circuit breaker prevents your electrical from getting overloaded. If you have one too many things plugged in, the tripped circuit breaker will turn off your air conditioner.
  • Broken Thermostat: The thermostat communicates the temperature to your cooling system. If it’s broken, your AC won’t know what the weather is like outside and won’t know when to turn on.

Dependable Summerlin AC Replacement

Has your air conditioner quit on you? Is it time to replace your air conditioner outright? Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating is one of the leading names in air conditioning replacement services in Summerlin and throughout the Las Vegas valley. When you need a new air conditioner, we offer high-quality installation using premium parts and systems from leading name-brand manufacturers for optimal results. Every system is carefully matched to your home, and every installation is completed thoroughly so you can enjoy summer in cool comfort.

Have your air conditioner serviced by the team from Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating! Contact us today.

Taking Care of Our Customers Since 1987!

  • Shawn is very thorough

    “Shawn is very thorough. He explained what was done during the maintenance check-up plus he created a recommended future action list for me.”

    John A.

  • Adam E. came out and assessed my system in no time. His wealth of knowledge on Electrical Engineering and Fluid Dynamics was evident.

    “Adam E. came out and assessed my system in no time. His wealth of knowledge on Electrical Engineering and Fluid Dynamics was evident. If you go with Sierra (and Adam E. as your tech); You will be nothing short of Safe and Happy”

    Charles S.

  • Occasionally I run into a company that values its reputation and understands what "customer service" actually means. Sierra is that rare breed.

    “Occasionally I run into a company that values its reputation and understands what "customer service" actually means. Sierra is that rare breed. I'm trying to think of something that didn't go as promised but I can't. They responded to my emergency immediately, diagnosed the problem, explained what had to be done, then did it. Jeremy, who installed my new water heater, explained everything in terms I could understand, was thorough, courteous, laid plastic on the marble floors to make sure there weren't any scratches, and was an absolute gentleman. The price was fair and I couldn't be more satisfied with the entire process. These people obviously have pride in what they do. I would recommend them without hesitation.”


  • What a GREAT experience with you!

    “Where do I start?? What a GREAT experience with you!!! From the first phone call, to Chris AND to the team that replaced our old unit with the new.. I am so overwhelmed by the prompt service and professionalism of your employees. This was the first MAJOR purchase of a house hold item and we can't thank you enough for making it worry-free. I know we will enjoy the comfort of our home now THANKS to you! I am a stylist here in town, and I WILL be handing out your number to ALL my clients! THANK YOU again!!! Keep up the great work!”


  • I would highly recommend Sierra and their customer service

    “Since we moved into our new house we have heard a noise . At really odd times, so bad my daughter would be kept awake. During the day I had thought the banging was the homes being built, I notified our builders supervisor to make an appointment for a warranty call. I think he thinks we were hearing things. Tony came out this morning and listened to us, then went above and beyond to find the problems. In this heat he went in the attic, and he found a long metal tube left over from construction which was part of the problem, then he tightened everything and insulated to make sure we have no more banging. We give him an A plus, plus. Also Yvonne in the call center was great communicating with us. I would highly recommend Sierra and their customer service. Especially Tony.”