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Water Filtration Services in Las Vegas, NV

Get Clean Water With Our Water Filtration Installation & Service

Let’s face it, water in Las Vegas can be pretty rough. You don’t want to end up with a “Lake Mead lemonade” when you go to drink tap water. Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help! With our Las Vegas water filtration services, you can enjoy water that’s clean, clear, and safe.

Our expert plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and technology to handle all your water purification needs. We handle everything from water filter installations to repairing drinking water filtration systems. Whether you receive your water supply from municipal sources or have a well, we’ll make sure it’s good for you and your family.

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Benefits of a Water Filtration System

The water that comes out of your pipes is not just for drinking; it's also for cooking and bathing. Additionally, you absorb a lot of water while taking a bath or shower. To remove chemicals and contaminates from your home's plumbing, Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating recommends whole house water filtration.

A whole house water filter is different from a water softener. Although they do not eliminate scale build-up, they reduce other contaminants and bacteria. Your home's water may not be clear, smell bad, taste bad, or make your skin and hair dry if you notice these signs.

Consider a whole-house water filter. Adding whole-house filtration can extend your home's life span by more than 10 years, and it does not need maintenance.

Whole-house water filters offer the following benefits:

  • Water is continuously dispensed throughout the entire house
  • The water will taste and smell better by reducing chlorine, chloramines, and organic compounds derived from carbon such as pesticides, herbicides, and industrial solvents.
  • Enhanced flavor in food and water.
  • Improved skin health by eliminating chlorine.
  • By removing chemicals from your water, it extends the life of your fixtures, faucets, and pipes
  • Saves you time and money by not buying bottled water or filters

Whatever your water purification needs may be, turn to Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating. We provide fast, effective water filtration services in Las Vegas. We can help you find the appropriate system for your household needs. And with our lasting installation services, you can enjoy fresh water whenever you want.

Call (702) 830-7553 or contact us today for Las Vegas water filtration services!

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  • Shawn is very thorough

    “Shawn is very thorough. He explained what was done during the maintenance check-up plus he created a recommended future action list for me.”

    John A.

  • I would highly recommend these folks

    “Sierra Air and Jason Thack (30 years’ experience) are the BEST in Las Vegas area. First of all, my AC stopped working at about 4p on a Friday and to make matters worse, I live in a manufactured home and there are essentially, only 2 companies licensed to work on manufactured homes. I was very pleasantly surprised when the dispatcher, Michelle called and set up the service call last night and I asked about the service contract they offered on their website if I would be able to apply the reduced discounts and benefits to being a member for this repair job and the answer YES. I was told to expect a call from dispatcher about 30-45 min before they would arrive (between 8a-10a) and at 715a, they called to say he was on the way. He arrived at 8a and within 10 minutes, had diagnosed the broken fan 9a, had cool air blowing through the vents and he went ahead and did the 'spring' maintenance on the unit. Overall, a very pleasant experience and I was expecting a big $$ amt, being the weekend and July in Las Vegas and, all total work done including parts and warranties came to $1000....that included changing 3 capacitors to eliminate a near-future service call or two. I am grateful, cooled off in my house, and would highly recommend these folks (who discuss actual fees and costs PRIOR to any work being done).”


  • He explained everything he was doing thoroughly and did the repair in a timely manner.

    “Todd from Sierra Air was outstanding. He explained everything he was doing thoroughly and did the repair in a timely manner. He was very professional and because of his knowledge of my air conditioning unit I purchased the maintenance agreement.”

    Michael P.

  • What a GREAT experience with you!

    “Where do I start?? What a GREAT experience with you!!! From the first phone call, to Chris AND to the team that replaced our old unit with the new.. I am so overwhelmed by the prompt service and professionalism of your employees. This was the first MAJOR purchase of a house hold item and we can't thank you enough for making it worry-free. I know we will enjoy the comfort of our home now THANKS to you! I am a stylist here in town, and I WILL be handing out your number to ALL my clients! THANK YOU again!!! Keep up the great work!”


  • The same technician regularly comes to my house each season for the tune up and he remembers me each time which is super rare to be able to say the same about any company these days.

    “Sierra is extremely professional and timely. I really appreciate the follow-up calls to let me know exactly when the technician is on the way out so I do not have to wait around for hours. The technicians are super helpful and friendly, even replacing the batteries in my thermostats and offering to change out the air filters. The same technician regularly comes to my house each season for the tune up and he remembers me each time which is super rare to be able to say the same about any company these days.”

    Ryan E