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Finding the right company for home services of any kind can be stressful. Thankfully, you’ve found an honest and reliable company to handle all of your air and heating needs in the Las Vegas area!

Sierra LLC Air Conditioning & Heating is driven by the satisfaction of our clients. Every member of our team is dedicated to treating customers with the utmost respect and to making them happy. To do this, we are very upfront about all costs (no hidden fees!) and our heating service and AC installation technicians are held to high standards of training in order to provide quality services. You can trust us to handle your cooling and heating problems in a quick and professional manner.

HVAC Repair in Las Vegas

There are many reasons to call up an HVAC repair contractor in Las Vegas. If your system has gone too long without maintenance, it is fairly inevitable that an HVAC system will fail in some way, especially considering the intensity of a climate like the high-desert in Nevada with warm, long summers and cold nights.

Hiring a professional is the best choice to make when your system fails for a number of reasons:

  • You will save yourself time and a headache.
  • Bringing a professional on site regularly will extend the life of your HVAC system or water heater.
  • You will ensure that you and your household are as safe as possible.
  • HVAC systems that do not receive proper attention are the cause of property damage from things like fires and other life-threatening problems.

We offer 24/7 HVAC services in Las Vegas. Contact us online or call (702) 830-7553 to request a service.

Taking Care of Our Customers Since 1987!

  • I would highly recommend these folks

    “Sierra Air and Jason Thack (30 years’ experience) are the BEST in Las Vegas area. First of all, my AC stopped working at about 4p on a Friday and to make matters worse, I live in a manufactured home and there are essentially, only 2 companies licensed to work on manufactured homes. I was very pleasantly surprised when the dispatcher, Michelle called and set up the service call last night and I asked about the service contract they offered on their website if I would be able to apply the reduced discounts and benefits to being a member for this repair job and the answer YES. I was told to expect a call from dispatcher about 30-45 min before they would arrive (between 8a-10a) and at 715a, they called to say he was on the way. He arrived at 8a and within 10 minutes, had diagnosed the broken fan 9a, had cool air blowing through the vents and he went ahead and did the 'spring' maintenance on the unit. Overall, a very pleasant experience and I was expecting a big $$ amt, being the weekend and July in Las Vegas and, all total work done including parts and warranties came to $1000....that included changing 3 capacitors to eliminate a near-future service call or two. I am grateful, cooled off in my house, and would highly recommend these folks (who discuss actual fees and costs PRIOR to any work being done).”


  • I trust Sierra, their techs know their stuff, and recommendations were honest and appreciated. We're looking forward to our third trouble-free summer with our 'new' Lennox system

    “Today, we had an Excellent 'Springtime' Service call performed by Sean of Sierra LLC Air Conditioning & Heating. Thanks! - to their entire crew and office staff! I trust Sierra, their techs know their stuff, and recommendations were honest and appreciated. We're looking forward to our third trouble-free summer with our 'new' Lennox system, thanks to the professionals at Sierra LLC Air Conditioning & Heating.”

    Lawrence & Becky S.

  • They are reliable, honest & do a great job.

    “Sierra, LLC has been our AC experts since we moved in our new home 3 years ago. They are reliable, honest & do a great job.”

    Debbie L.

  • I plan to renew when the current contract is up.

    “Matt arrived on time as promised. Office called 30 minutes ahead to let me know that he was on his way. Very polite and efficient. Matt did the spring-summer system inspection. New system was installed last year - September so we are still on our maintenance contract for another year. I plan to renew when the current contract is up.”

    Andrew & Ruth U.

  • Excellent customer service and professionalism

    “I am so glad I contacted Sierra. They save me $10K. I originally contact Elite Heating and Cooling and they wanted to replace my entire furnace, coils and condenser in my air conditioner. When all I need done was the motor replaced in my furnace (less than $300). The part was still under warranty so I only had to pay for the installation. I'm so grateful to Sierra (Matt) for being COMPLETELY honest and not trying to sale me something I don't need. Excellent customer service and professionalism. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”